Nov. 21st, 2011

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Been a while...

This is my 2001 SV-S.

It has over 42,000 miles on it. It needs a new front tire. The front and rear plastics are cracked or broken on both sides. The seats have been recovered with duct tape. The right mirror stem has been welded back together. The previous owner was rear-ended on the highway, so I had to fix the subframe with channel locks and a maul to be able to install a taillight and reattach the grab rail. The license plate light cover is patched with electrical tape. It doesn't do track days (yet). It has no suspension or performance upgrades, no modifications or fancy paint. The closest it has to alterations are some flushmount blinkers because the ones the PO had installed were barely visible, and a Yoshi slip-on. I've downed it twice in the past year- once in a patch of gravel, once after hitting an oil patch in front of a manhole cover.

This is a working motorcycle. It gets ridden in pouring rain and blazing heat and humidity. It's been my sole form of transportation on multiple occasions when my car has broken down and I haven't had time or money to fix it. It's gotten me to my main job and odd jobs when I've been working eighty hours a week, seven days a week. I've strapped everything to it from tools, groceries, and a baby gate. I've strapped camping gear almost three feet high to the back of it and ridden 90 miles to a campground at 3 in the morning with it.

Three more pics )

And it's been my favorite bike I've ever owned.

Needless to say, there's been some maintenance involved.

repairs, repairs, repairs )

I've got some red LED's on order to replace the dash lights with- I had a similar setup on my old Ninja.


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